Rules of the trade.

Fair Trade is a solution that enables producers to develop self-reliance. The Fair Trade relationship provides continuity that allows producers to develop their management skills and expands their access to new markets. Fair Trade organizations raise awareness of Fair Trade by, among other things, providing their customers with information about the movement, products and production conditions. They employ fair advertising and marketing strategies and strive for the highest standards of product quality and packaging. Fair Trade promotes improvements in environmental protection measures and the use of responsible production methods.

  • Transparency

    Implementing and updating for the public the activities according to the roadmap, which is the determinant of the projects' tasks. Too much procrastination is associated with a loss of confidence and results in the destruction of the project, although in some cases the project teams do not deviate from the work and still deliver products despite the extensions - informing the community extremely important.

  • Experienced Team

    Asking amateur questions to the project team does not make much sense - they are certainly not eager to answer because the basic knowledge of the mechanisms in the project is known to everyone with a first glance. Otherwise when, the team can answer with sense, detail the data and provide in the reasoning of the common man.

  • Security Guarantee

    The guarantee of security is an AUDIT done by recommended security companies, among others "Certik", but having a project which is not 70 points at least evaluated, then an alarm light should go on. You can also read the contract of a given cryptocurrency to search for commands that are not dangerous to us - also a recommended method.

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Cyberse is for users. The team doesn't think about itself, it's logical when setting up something for the community you can't be selfish.

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