Visit one of the BEST collections of a fast-growing project created in the Alvey network now, but NFT collection on Binance Smart-Chain!
Cyberse is a collection of unique items, characters from movies / games, with an airdrop to your wallet after purchasing one of the NFTs and its full decentralized customer. By hold $CBS token you got access to apps like graphic editor, graphic maker, exclusive store, airdrops.

Tasty design resources made with care for each pixel. Tokens, NFTs, metaverse and game resources.
  • Full NFT verified collection in Binance Smart-Chain Network
  • Collection on Quark Marketplace in Alvey Chain Mainnet.
  • Released graphic app.
  • Launched token $CBS in Alvey Chain Mainnet


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    TOTAL SUPPLY 160,000,000 26.0% LIQUIDITY POOL / 24.0% UNLOCKED / 50% PRE-SALE
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    Cyberse with fees of 8% Buy / 10% Sell (Marketing Wallet 6% and Liquidity Pool 2%) with a slippage trade setting of 9% to 10%. Please take note!
New generation pixel art, realistic & resources. ⭐️ The use of Cyberse NFTs is unique. Here is what you can get for owning a Cyberse NFT:
  • Each of them gives you an Airdrop (immediately after you buy them).
  • When you hold Cyberse NFT, you can be specially drawn to staking access with high APR.
  • Rarest what Cyberse can offer for NFT holder is the NFT holder's exemption from transaction fees on the Cyberse token.
  • Cyberse provide prizes in the form of PaySafeCard and gift cards.
To be eligible to win these rewards, you must be an NFT holder. Prize draws (users who will win a given prize) are held every week on our Telegram group by 100X Wheel of Fortune! This is a live stream. Once a minimum of 10 NFTs have been sold, we start the weekly draws!

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    What are cryptocurrency tokens?

    A cryptocurrency token is a unit of value issued by an organization operating in the blockchain community. Its aim is to support the independent management of their own business model and the integration of network users with its products. Tokens perform a number of different functions, related to their type.

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    Scammers prey on crypto fad

    Among other things, they impersonate investment platforms and persuade their victims to buy cryptocurrency, promising high returns. By offering help and thus robbing their victims of their money.

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    Can you be safe with Cyberse?

    Yes! Cyberse offers transparency, updates even in times of quiet market. The team is verified, everything it outputs is fully verified.

Cyberse Partnerships

Gameshow Fun: Enjoy thrilling gameshows and giveaways by 100X Token with interactive challenges and exciting prizes.